If you sharpen your tools at AB "ENERMEGA", we will give you quality guarantee, that tools will be technically clean and accurate. After sharpening tool has to cut as good as new.


AB "ENERMEGA" main production line is different types of cutters. The main part of manufactured cutters are for woodwork, also we make tools for plastic windows production, to process plastic and building insulation materials (such as styrofoam, etc.).


Panaudojant AB Enermega ilgametę patirtį, yra atliekamas visų tipų elektros asinchroninių variklių remontas. Visiems varikliams kuriuos pateikia klientai atliekama pilna diagnostika, nustatoma visi probleminiai elementai. Sudegusių apvijų keitimas, bearing replacement, seedbed and other elements of the engine management .

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    Main AB „ENERMEGA“ production is woodworking tools. Company is making, sharpening, repairing most of the tools used in industry for woodwork. Planing heads, cutters, saws, drills, chisels, cutter sets for windows, doors production, all this are supplied to many Lithuanian and foreign companies. Most of the tools are made according to customer‘s tasks, technological modes, product requirements, working conditions. Company‘s specialists will always consult on which woodworking tools are most viable, which tool to choose, how often perform sharpening, when restorate the tool.

+370 315 77950
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